Words of Passion for Her

Ron Britton



You could have chosen another but you picked me out of a bouquet of roses.
Your hands caressed the very stem of my existence, lifting me out of the ground of my survival, only to replant me in the center of your heart.
I shall spend a lifetime growing in the fertile pastures of your seeding…

-My Love Is Complete, Ron Britton

Ron Britton’s profound words are reflected in the finely crafted poems of Noveltry: Words of Passion for Her. In his latest work where novel and poetry are combined into one, Britton takes passion and romance to another level and presents the different sides and angles of love from a man’s point of view. Each poem subtly reflects Britton’s seemingly poignant but exceptionally written verses for literature’s eternal muse - women.

From the sensual verses in “Kiss” to the soulful words of “From Darkness to Light”, Britton’s new collection of poetry aims to allow readers, women in particular, to be more expressive about their feelings when it comes to relationships. A delightful read, Noveltry: Words of Passion for Her is the perfect book for both hopeless romantics and cynics in love alike.